LIPOGLAZE – A fab fat freezing treatment available

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Lipoglaze is based on Cryolipolysis technology and is one of the most successful, non-invasive forms of fat removal. We don’t promote Lipoglaze for weight loss, rather as a procedure that allows us to re-contour those stubborn areas of fat that can’t be easily lost through diet and exercise. Lipoglaze has been approved by the FDA as a safe and affective treatment. Clinical trials have proven that the machine has been capable of up to 59% fat reduction in some patients, with an over all average of 33%.

The procedure works by freezing fat cells in the stubborn unwanted areas. The head of the machine is placed over the problem area, it gently sucks the excess in and begins to freeze deep writhin the tissues of the skin. The lipids in the fat start to crystallise as the temperature drops. Over the course of the following two weeks the crystallised fat cells then die and the body removes them naturally through the liver. The stubborn area is eliminated, permanently.

Some result are visible after 4 weeks, expected results from 4-8 weeks post treatment. the same area can be treated more than once but clients must leave at least 8 weeks between treatments. Up to three different areas of the body can be treated at one time but they must not overlap. inner and outer thighs for example;

  • Tummy £200
  • A pair of thighs, hips, love handles £300
  • Pair of Arms or Man boobs £200
  • Discounts for groups of up to 3 areas
  • Tummy and thighs or hips £400
  • Tummy and man boobs £300
  • Hips and man boobs £400