Vinylux- nail polish

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So we’ve taken the plunge and are now offering Vinylux manicures! For those of you who have no idea what this is heres a little info for you:

Vinylux is a new innovative nail polish that is meant to last 7 days plus, for a longer lasting polish to usual brands, its made by CND the same creators of shellac. You do not use a base coat with this product, just two coats of colour and the vinylux topcoat, it will not work without the topcoat! It also dries really quickly too, which is great for those of use that forget our flip flops when coming for a pedicure or those in a bit of a time limit. The colours also match our shellac range so that you can match up your fingers and toes to your shellac manicure if you wish too. We also sell the vinylux they are £9.95 each or £15.95 for 2! We have a few sets of them for gifts in miniture version too! so why not pop in and check them out for yourself, a full spa manicure with vinylux is only £23.