Covid19 Notice

To all of our amazing clients & students.⁣

We have taken the very difficult decision to now close until further notice.

Even though we have our PPE we ARE having non essential contact with clients at a very close proximity.⁣

Something we have been asked to stop.

I feel it would be irresponsible of us to continue and that we could be putting peoples health at risk. Something we can no longer bring ourselves to do even with the strictest, cleanest, environment. ⁣

Its important to remember not everyone will show symptoms so whilst we all think we are perfectly well – we could be carrying it still and passing it on.

We need to do the right thing for the community, ourselves and our families.

As soon as we know more, anyone currently booked in will be notified about re-arranging.⁣

⁣Thank you so much for your support & understanding!

Let’s fight this together so we can all get back to normal!

Stay safe!
Love Jen & Elly xx