Eyebrow artist only (beginners)

£4500 includes machine and kit.

In this course you will learn 2 styles of eyebrow techniques, nano hairstrokes and combination brows, over 5 days.

Firstly you will be sent a pre read manual in which you will need to study for 2-3 days which includes the functions of the skin, health and safety, colour theory and contraindications.

Day 1 – Theory day - discussing blood borne viruses, health and safety, colour theory, contraindications and consultations. We will then go onto room set up, hygiene,  Knowing your kit machine and practice on latex mats.

Days 2-4, Live demos by the trainer Jenny and working on models.

You will then be required to go away and complete a number of case studies within 12 weeks and build a portfolio.

Day 5 – Assessment day. Working on a model to show you are confident and competent in delivering a good standard of work and focusing on any areas you may need help with.

Following a successful assessment you will then be awarded with your accredited certificate.

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