Beauty Treatments - Facial & Body

Face & Skincare

The Skin Bespoke Treatment (1 hour)

An ideal starting point to ensure the skin receives what it needs at the beginning of your journey into specialised skincare and beautiful skin for life. After which your personal KATHERINE DANIELS beauty prescription will be designed for you.


Express Energising Radiance Treatment (40 mins)

This treatment will deliver energising and firming minerals to increase moisture levels and plump the skin, giving wrinkle reduction of up to 27% and a translucent radiance you never thought possible in just 40 minutes. Ideal for pre-special occasion or as an express skin overhaul.


The anti-aging deluxe eye treatment

A deluxe treatment for your complete eye area, to reduce puffiness and dark circles and capture every smile and frown line. Your complete eye area will be revitalised, hydrated, plumped and bright.

For long term effectiveness a course of treatments to suit your skins needs is recommended.

  • Clinical Efficiency Results:*
  • 70% Reduction in wrinkles
  • 85% Revitalised skin
  • 80% Plumped up skin

The Skin perfecting anti-oxidant facial

A double mask treatment packed full of powerful superfoods, rich in cell protecting Anti-Oxidants along with Vitamin C for skin luminosity and to boost your Collagen and Elastin production. Finally, FucoWhite™ will regulate patchy pigmentation or uneven skin tone.

After 1 treatment, your skins youth mechanisms will be ignited, your skin will be perfectly hydrated and luminous in appearance, with a more even colour and perfected complexion.

For long term effectiveness or to treat patchy pigmentation a course of treatments will be recommended depending on the needs of your skin.


Deep Skin Cleansing (1 hour)

Developed by Katherine Daniels to deep cleanse and detoxify your skin, leaving you looking dewy and luminous with a refined skin texture and reduction in pore size. Not recommended for sensitive, couperose skins.


Age Defence Nourishing Hydration

With this Katherine Daniels treatment your skin will be hydrated, supple, smooth, reduced open pores and better able to defend itself against premature ageing. Course of 4 weekly treatments recommended.

Age Defence Nourishing Hydration 1 hour 20 mins

Age Defence Sensitive Skin (1 hour)

This treatment has been developed by Katherine Daniels for fragile and sensitive skin issues. Your skin will be calmed, soothed, strengthened and better able to defend itself against premature ageing.



Skinscope is an electronic skin analysis machine, enabling us to look deeper into your skin, ensuring you receive the correct prescription suited to your skin type. Have this before a course of facial treatments.

LED Light Therapy Facial

  Led light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power of pure light for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin. It delivers skin specific combinations of clinically proven Blue, Red and Near Infrared wavelengths to boost collagen and elastin production, improve circulation, reduce redness and irritation and destroy blemish causing bacteria. After just… Read more »

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Holistic treatments given by our qualified practitioner




REIKI LEVEL 2 QUALIFIED – School of Usui Shiki Ryoho – Reiki Western Lineage


MOB: 07749471202




Restore balance to your body and mind with Reiki

Reiki is a non-invasive, natural therapy that promotes the body’s self-healing.

Whether you suffer from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain, Reiki can loosen blocked energy, restore vitality and cleanse the body of toxins.

By positioning hands above the body, Reiki allows the practitioner to channel the life force energy which flows through all of us.

Should your life force energy be low, you are more likely to get sick or feel stress.

The Reiki energy is perceived as heat, coolness or tingling that comes from the practitioners hands. It is gentle and stimulates the body’s own immune system to help heal the cause of the problem.

This promotes a holistic balancing of body, mind and spirit and makes you more capable of being happy and healthy.

Reiki can accelerate the body’s own natural healing mechanism whilst promoting a state of total relaxation and well-being.



Reflexology is a holistic treatment based on the principle of applying reflex to pressure points of the feet, mirroring the body’s anatomy.

It is believed by applying pressure to these reflex points, it will stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms thereby aiding your body to a natural recovery.

Stress. Injury, or illness can cause an imbalance in your body.

The qualified therapist will use her experience and sensitivity to decide which reflexes need to be worked on and how much pressure to use on them to bring the healthy balance back to normality

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing holistic treatment, that will be beneficial throughout the whole body.



Homeopathy is a system of natural health care that has been in worldwide use for over 200 years.

It treats each person as an individual with the aim of stimulating your own unique healing ability.

Following an in-depth consultation, I would select the most appropriate medicine based on your specific symptoms and level of personal health. The medicines are made from natural substances and work in a very gentle way with little to no side effects and aim to trigger your own bodies ability to restore you to health.

1st Consultation    £60 – up to 1 ½ Hours (incl medicine)
Follow Ups            £30 – up to 1 hour.

Claire Ridgewell – Homeopath
07775 704297